Adamastor is the Titan Under the Mountain, currently resting in a magic stupor underneath Hope City's Table Mountain. Once thought just a myth in a Portuguese poem, Adamastor is real, and almost destroyed Hope City in the past, before the Titan Cult cast a powerful sleeping spell to calm his temper, and keep him sleeping under the mountain.


Adamastor was banished to the Cape of Good Hope by Doris, for falling in love with his daughter Tethis. This story was captured by Portuguese poet, Luis de Camões, who used the titan as a symbol of the forces of nature that Portuguese explorers had to face when navigating the Cape.

Even as I spoke, an immense shape

Materialised in the night air,
Grotesque and enormous stature
With heavy jowls, and an unkempt beard
Scowling from shrunken, hollow eyes
Its complexion earthy and pale,
Its hair grizzled and matted with clay,

Its mouth coal black, teeth yellow with decay.

— Camões, The Lusiads Canto V

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