Demons are an odd species, finding no real commonality besides their origin - by being a byproduct of the essence of creation, and finding their homes in the so called Demonic Realms.

All that post-Cataclysmic society knows about demons that those before the Vortex did not is that they are real. That, and some clue of their origins.

Demons are a diverse lot and there is very little to group many together. While some, like lamia, imps and devils are distinct species, many other demons seem to be completely unique beings. What binds them all together is a common origin – the demonic realms and their births as the by-product of creation.

There are countless demonic realms. The distinct feature that makes them a demonic realm is the prevalence of demons and that many of them do not obey the general rules of nature.


Archdemons are demons of immense power and uniqueness. They tend to be the stuff of legends, dominating or at least holding extreme power over their realm. Archdemons range from near demi-godly power, to godly.

Some examples of archdemons are:

  • Lucifer
  • Satan
  • Admodeus
  • Belphegor
  • Mammon
  • Beelzebub
  • Leviathan
  • Asag

Known Demon Species

  • Devils: Red, horned, bestial creatures that delight in slaughter.
  • Yokai: Large, ogre-like humanoids that curse their killers by transforming them into yokai.
  • Lamia: Seemingly attractive women, who possess serpent-like lower bodies, and delight in eating children.
  • Succubea/Incubi: Winged and attractive individuals who feed off lust and sexual gratification.
  • Imps: Small, violent creatures, that emit fire and poison wherever they go.
  • Barghest: Demonic, flaming dogs.
  • Voidcreeps: White, ape-like creatures that inhabit the In Between.
  • Djinn: Demons that contain the essence of corresponding natural elements.
  • Fiend: Abhorrent mishmashes of animals, taking a grotesque human form.
  • Tokolosh: Creatures from the Zulu Empire's underworld. They can take many sizes, but in their perfect form resemble a gorilla with the head of a crocodile. They delight in slaying victims cursed by others, and then eating the person who caused the curse.
  • Dullahan: A headless horseman.
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