Devil's Gambit is the third book in the Kat Drummond Series. It is set in late winter of 2035, the same year as Part-Time Monster Hunter, Blood Cartel, Necrolord and Darkness Beckons. Kat turns 20 in this book.

Devil's Gambit is the first book to explore demons in detail.


Eight mages presumed dead…

So what? It’s Hope City! People get killed all the time in this monster-infested dump I call my home. Problem is: these aren’t any old mages.

They’re the mages that keep the Titan Under the Mountain asleep. And if more go missing, then what will happen to my city? To the world?

I’m not a detective. I slay monsters. I don’t find people. But if tracking down these mages will keep my city safe, then I’ll search every corner of this ever-darkening abyss. And if necessary, stare down the fires of hell.

My name is Kat Drummond, and I’m a Part-Time Monster Hunter.

Devil’s Gambit is the third book in the Kat Drummond Series, an action-packed urban fantasy for readers who like their main characters bad-ass, and their world filled with danger and mystery.

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