Monster Hunting is a popular profession in post-Cataclysm Earth. It takes many forms across the world and many specialists have formed within it. Typically, monster hunters are divided into three types:

  • Public Sector: In some countries, monster hunting is a state-run service. Police, the army or specialised divisions such as the Extermination Corps.
  • Agencies: Groups of monster hunters are often called agencies (but can also be called clubs, guilds or orders). These groups pool their skills and resources together to hunt advanced prey and to provide security for their clients.
  • Freelancers: Lone hunters, sometimes working in impermanent groups, are called freelancers. These individuals live a dangerous life, living hunt to hunt. Usually, they can only tackle small prey, but some go on to become legends.

Monster Hunting in Hope City

Hope City is often called the City of Hunters, due to its large proportion of freelance and agency hunters. The 1996 Contracted Monster Elimination Act and the Monster Hunter Act formalised private sector monster hunting in Hope City, cementing a place for freelance and agency hunters in the city.

The advent of the MonsterSlayer App streamlined the process, allowing clients from our the city to contract monster hunters as easily as one would order a pizza.

Many monster hunters have risen to prominence, becoming celebrities in their own right.

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