Necrolord is the fourth book in the Kat Drummond Series. It is set in 2035, alongside all previous books and Darkness Beckons.

The book can be considered part one of an arc completed in Darkness Beckons. It is the first book to end with a cliff hanger.


How does one come to understand evil?

The Necrolord has made her move. Countless dead. Now even the Council wants to stop her. And they’ve hired me to do it.

But I don’t play well with authority figures, and as this city-wide manhunt escalates, I’m sure to offend more than a few politicians and cops.

But none of that matters.

Because the Necrolord has killed too many people already. And I need to make her pay.

My name is Kat Drummond, and I’m a part-time monster hunter.

Necrolord is the thrilling fourth book in the Kat Drummond Series, an action-packed urban fantasy series set in a world of magic and monsters.

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