Nicholas Woode-Smith is an urban fantasy and sci-fi author from Cape Town, South Africa, the location of the semi-fictional Hope City, featured in the Kat Drummond Series.

Nicholas is a veteran gamer, D&D player and storyteller. He is at his most excited when he's crafting complex and believable worlds for his readers to enjoy.

If you love urban fantasy, monster hunting and snarky action heroes, make sure to pick up Kat Drummond, starting with Part-Time Monster Hunter.

If military sci-fi and space opera with morally grey protagonists are more your poison, then start your journey with Shadow, book 1 of the Warpmancer Series.

Nicholas has a degree in politics, philosophy and economic history, which he uses to infuse his world with believable world building and complex questions that encourage readers to think deeply about problems. But even without the philosophy, Nicholas' books are thrilling adventures filled with suspense and high-stakes action.

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