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An encyclopedia for the Kat Drummond Series and the Part-Time Monster Hunter game and universe, by Nicholas Woode-Smith.

About the Kat Drummond Universe

It has been decades since the Vortex opened. Since then, rifts in the fabric of reality have allowed all manner of monsters onto Earth, changing human society forever. Nations have fallen. Maps have been redrawn. Literal cities have sunk under the ocean, consumed by merfolk and sea monsters. Vampires dominate organised crime. Werewolves ravage the countryside. And demons put their insane machinations into action. All while the seraphim decide if Earth should be destroyed for the sake of all the realms.

But humanity isn’t helpless. With the Vortex came magic. A magic within some of us, called spark, and a magic throughout the world, called weylines. Sorcerers and wizards have tamed this primal energy and trained themselves in the spells needed to use it. Alongside trained monster hunters and soldiers, humanity has formed a bulwark against the otherworldly forces.

The question is: how long will it hold?

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Short Stories

  1. Soul Bound

Kat Drummond Series

  1. Part-Time Monster Hunter
  2. Blood Cartel
  3. Devil's Gambit
  4. Necrolord
  5. Darkness Beckons
  6. Lost Hunter
  7. Dead World
  8. Silver Brotherhood
  9. The Fae Hunt
  10. Dark Order
  11. The Silver Star

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