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The Seraphim make-up a broad species of angelic beings that ultimately serve their self-given cause of defending The Realms, especially from Demons.

Seraph are often winged humanoids, splendid in their appearance and approaching demigodhood in their power. Some seraph have been known to have killed mortals with only their visage - too beautiful for a normal person to behold.

Seraphim are thought to be beings made of pure purification magic, and as a result, are healed by purification magic regardless of the intent of the caster. The presence of seraph has also been known to hurt Vampires and dark spirits.

The Archangels

The Seraphim are divided into a strict hierarchy, ruled over by Archangels with particular purposes. Above them all is the Archangel Michael, who aims to keep the Seraphim following their divine purpose - defending The Realms from evil, darkness and contamination. For order, there is no cost too great.

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