Soul Bound is a prequel short story introducing Kat Drummond and Treth in the year 2034, a year before the events of Part-Time Monster Hunter.

The short story follows the seemingly mundane task of Kat moving out from Trudie's house and into her new apartment. But nothing is ever mundane in Hope City.


I thought moving into a new apartment would be easy…

Even in this world of magic and monsters, moving out shouldn’t be too hard, right?

With help from the ghost in my head, I hunt monsters to pay the bills and pay my way through university. Now it’s time I finally get my own place.

Through lopping off zombie and giant rat heads, I should have enough money, right?

But if there’s anything consistent about living in Hope City, things are seldom easy.

My name is Kat Drummond, and I’m a part-time monster hunter.

Soul Bound is a prequel short story to Part-Time Monster Hunter and the Kat Drummond Series. Follow a young and newbie Kat as she carves a name for herself out of the Hope City monster hunting scene in this action-packed and snarky urban fantasy.

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