• The Vortex appears in Central Sibera, bringing Rift-Surges and forming Weylines.
  • Many nations of the world fall to magical warlords, monsters and otherworlders.
  • The Seraphim begin their plan to destroy Earth to prevent a contagion across The Realms.


  • Second American Civil War begins.


  • The Zulu King leads 15 000 impi to take the capital of South Africa. The government is slaughtered by the Zulu King in a massacre called the Union Massacre.
  • Adamastor, the Titan Under the Mountain, awakes in Cape Town, causing storms and earthquakes that are stopped by a cabal that would come to form the Titan Cult.
  • The November Massacre sees 156 people killed in police actions by Zulu soldiers.
  • Cape Town, Eastern Cape and the Northern Cape secede from South Africa.
  • South Africa is dissolved.
  • Anubis annexes Egypt as his own personal fiefdom.
  • Odin runs for Prime Minister of Norway.


  • Hermes is murdered in an armed robbery.
  • The Goldfield Movement is formed to protest Zulu domination.
  • The Cape Defence Force is crushed by Zulu forces, and retreats to the Three Point Line.


  • The Goldfield Movement founds the Extermination Corps to combat vampires and monsters being used by the Zulu Empire. This is founded alongside the Goldfield Magic Council, with the aim of creating magic-users to contest the Zulu's in battle.
  • The Cape government passes the Contracted Monster Elimination Act, allowing private individuals to hunt monsters for remuneration.


  • President of the Cape, Peter Jacobs, renames the city to Hope City and creates the Spirit of the Law. He is promptly murdered by a frustrated parliamentarian.
  • Second American Civil War ends. The country is split into a myriad of city-states, with the East Coast Coalition still holding America's previous economic status.


  • The Seraphim decide not to destroy Earth. For now.




  • Fred and Rachel Drummond are sacrificed in a necromantic ritual. Kat Drummond survives, as Puretide interrupts the ritual.
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