Treth of Concord (Full Name: Treth Avicin) was a knight of the holy Order of Albin on the realm of Avathor. He fell in a necromantic ritual and had his soul tethered to Kat Drummond. He serves as an advisor, friend and companion to Kat Drummond and is a major supporting character in the Kat Drummond Series.

While Kat and a select few can perceive Treth, Kat has to speak aloud to converse with him, causing some to think her even more eccentric than she actually is.


  • Ghostly Overwatch: Treth exists within a spectral realm around Kat. He can exist within her, being able to observe her surroundings, or just outside of her. He uses this ability to help watch Kat’s back.
  • Spectral Chamber: Treth can recede into a ghostly chamber where he is unable to perceive Kat unless she calls for him. Later in the series, he can use this to converse with some members of the Army of the Vessel.
  • Manifestation: After Dead World, Treth can manifest into a semi-corporeal form. He can stray far from Kat, but if they find themselves in different weylines, Kat may become vulnerable to possession by dark spirits. This ability allows Treth to fight some beings, but his lethality is tenuous and tends to be more effective against evil beings. He can also use this to teleport to places he has been to and is familiar with.
  • Ghostly Squiring: As of The Silver Star, Treth can manifest Ithalen for Kat, allowing her to hide the blade in the spectral realm.


Treth was born to a peasant family in a poor part of the Duchy of Concord, a nation of the medieval world of Avathor. While a child,Treth’s parents were killed in a feudal dispute between lords. Treth escaped into the woods with his older brother, Alain. In the woods, they lived off the land as foragers and poachers. During the rise of undead on Avathor, the pair were forced to take refuge in the city of Concord.

In Concord, the pair fell in with local gangs, and took part in thieving and gangsterism. Treth had suspicions that his brother was taking part in far worse activities, but before he could investigate, he was captured by Sir Arden of Drambyre and Gorgo of Trennis. He was adopted into the Order of Albin and found a new family among the knights, who in the Lady of the Lake’s name, slew the undead on Avathor.

As the undead threat grew, Treth eventually found out that one of the budding liches of the necromancer army was his brother, now named Gyraxon. At the Stand of Last Light, Gorgo was captured by Gyraxon and Treth lost his life trying to save her.

During the process, his soul travelled to Earth, where he became tethered to Kat Drummond.

Book 1: Part-Time Monster Hunter

Treth acts primarily as a mentor and foil for Kat in the first book, providing advise (good and bad) as well as critique for her world view. Ultimately, they get along, but with some crucial conflicts that develop both of their personalities.


  • Sage: Treth constantly quotes the wisdom of others, especially that of his master Arden. He is a stickler for tradition and authority.
  • Guilty: Treth is wracked by guilt, feeling responsible for the corruption of his brother and the death of Gorgo and his master.
  • Curious: Being an outworlder, Treth is naturally curious about Earth.
  • Luddite: Despite his curiousity, Treth distrusts the modern technology of Earth, opting for a simpler approach to life that doesn’t involve computers and planes.
  • Driven: Treth is obsessed with the fulfillment of the Crusade, his quest to slay the undead and save the innocent. He eggs Kat on, encouraging her to accomplish this. But as the series goes on, he does calm down, realising the importance of moderation.
  • Ultimately Good: While good and evil are hard concepts to truly relegate to individuals, Treth’s redemption from a thief and his self-sacrifice has made his soul essentially good. His most selfish desires are the protection of those he loves, and he would sacrifice his life again and again to do so.


Alain Avicin: Treth’s brother. Effectively raised and protected Treth, acting as a loving figure even as he was becoming corrupted by Necromancy]]. Ultimately, Alain killed his brother.

Kat Drummond: Treth’s soul is tethered to Kat’s. While they have disagreements, they are ultimately very close. Treth entertains a romantic interest in Kat for awhile but this is abandoned eventually and they continue as the closest of comrades instead.

Gorgo of Trennis: Treth’s first love. A purifier of the Order of Albin who was killed by Alain. Her soul was put to rest by Kat, allowing her to become a member of the Army of the Vessel.

Arden of Drambyre: Treth’s mentor and master in the Order of Albin. The man he respected above all else. He constantly quotes him to Kat.

Cindy Giles: One of the first mortals, other than Kat, to be able to perceive him. Treth and Cindy have a similar worldview, and Cindy enjoys studying the spirit. They spend a lot of time together, giving Kat much needed space.

Candace Evergreen: While initially distrusting, Treth has come to respect Candace, especially after Candace became able to see him.

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