Werewolves are a species of transformed beings carrying the Lycanthropy curse. While considered monsters by most, many werewolves have managed to retain their humanity and can control their bestial urges.

Transmission and Transformation

Lycanthropy is classified by most purifier organisations as a curse, but it is transmitted through bodily liquids. Unlike Vampirism, no intent is needed to infect a new werewolf. Once bitten or exposed to the virus through an exchange of blood or other liquids, the newly infected human or other humanoid being will transform at the sight of a full moon.

Usually, a werewolf who has first transformed will lose themselves to the beast within themselves, but if given guidance by an alpha, they will soon regain their self-awareness.

As a werewolf gains control over their bestial urges, they can come to dominate the beast within. This requires extreme discipline and concentration. Some werewolves can transform at will and resist the full moon. Very skilled and disciplined werewolves can even selectively transform their limbs - gaining werewolf claws while retaining the rest of their human shape, among other options.

There is no known cure on Earth for lycanthropy.

Physical Characteristics

Werewolves, when fully transformed, resemble anthropomorphic wolves, with large musculature and limbs. The fur colour of the werewolf typically reflects the hair colour of the human. A black haired human will be a black furred werewolf.

While in human form, werewolf eyes may glow a distinct gold when excited, scared or threatened. During the full moon, even controlled wolves will always have golden eyes.

The Pack

Werewolves are social animals, and naturally form packs around an Alpha and a Beta. The Alpha is a naturally chosen position. Wolves don't choose to be an alpha or which alpha is theirs. A werewolf who naturally becomes an alpha will have a degree of control over their own pack - almost bordering on mind control.

The role of an alpha is to help keep the pack disciplined and in control of their beast. Alphas exude a calming aura that helps with this. Betas exist to help keep the alpha under control - providing a calming influence to the leader of the pack.

The beta has no special powers, and doesn't necessarily need to be a werewolf.

Werewolves who fail to join a pack or tame their beast within are considered rogues, and are hunted down as monsters even by fellow werewolves.

Place in Society

Werewolves are considered monsters in Hope City and have no legal protection. While they are not hunted on sight, there is no legal recourse against a hunter putting one down.

Due to the lack of packs existing on Earth during the Cataclysm, almost all werewolves who were transformed by rift-borne werewolves and freak curse explosions became rogues. A few managed to overcome the curse themselves and became alphas, helping to usher in a few civilised packs.

But it was too late for the reputation of werewolves, as most Earth societies considered them monsters.

With the help of some well-connected politicians and the Last Light, however, Hope City may come to tolerate the peaceful werewolves among them.

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